We are a platform of free listing for ICO and pre-ICO projects. Anyone can search for, read about and compare information on all the past, present and prospect ICOs that appear in our list. We guarantee an adequate and optimized display of all the data (technical, analytical, financial, marketing and social details).

It is an indicator used to measure any project's information accuracy and reliability.

The first step to register in our platform. Once finished the process and confirmed an email address, in the personal account section, any project can be added in 'my projects'. It must be taken into account that all the new projects added are manually checked so as to ensure they are reliable and meet our standards, so the process can take some time depending on how busy we are.

The information can be changed any time through your 'personal account', 'my projects' and opting for the project which has to be edited. Then the changes must be saved. After any change is done, our team will check the information again so those changes won't be public until they are accepted.

First of all, anything planned to be advertised in our website (materials, publications...) has to guarantee a high quality. A well designed website and a WHITEPAPER are mandatory. It must be taken into account that, as we check everything personally, the more information and details are provided, the better. If we happen to find any inaccurate information or contradiction we will contact the user by email and ask for any change needed.

We check all the data within 24 to 72 hours after receiving the application form. It doesn't normally take us more than 6 hours to verify the information but depending on the amount of applications we have it can take us up to 72 hours.

This section is automatically updated using all the users' ratings. So there's nothing the owner can do.

Definitely not. This position of honour belongs to the highest rated ICO by all the users.

By sending us an email to specifying the following information: 'Remove the project -name of the project- from'.

It means that the person has undergone an identification process and been proved to be a real person. These member enjoy a higher rating and trust. The identification process is known as KYC which stands for Know Your Client. It's aim is to avoid any possible scam. What memebers are required to show us in order to pass this KYC is any of the following documents: pasport, driving licence, national identity card as well as a selfie picture of the member handing the document. This process is carried out by an external company and cost 4€.

Definitely not. Though having it's members verified will help an ICO get more points. We strongly believe it is important to ensure all the members who appear in our website are real people.


Once a person who belongs to a project registered in our website wants to undergone a KYC process, they can ask for it by sending an email to with the message 'I would like to undergo the identification process of the project -name of the project-' and we will keep in touch as soon as possible. Do not send any personal data yet.

It is an indicator (from 0 to 10) used to measure any ICO's information's integrity, accuracy and reliability.

It is automatically calculated, though before listing the project in our website, it is manually adjusted.

By providing more information about the project through the 'personal account' section. It has to be remembered that we check all the data personally, so any doubt we have about the information given can lead to a lower mark and even be the project taken as scam.

Yes, we are pleased to offer this service. For more information contact us by email on

You can change it following these steps: go to 'superior menu', clic on 'sign in' and then 'I forgot my password'. Then specify the email address that was used to register. Clic on 'change password'. An automatically generated email will be sent with the new password.

Being able to list a project and edit the data of their ICO, adding ICO's to favourites, rate positively or negatively any ICO.

It is mandatory to be registered. Go to the page of the ICO you want to add. In the upper part there is a PLUS symbol (+) and by clicking on it the ICO is automatically added to your list of favourites. By clicking again the ICO is deleted from the list.

Once registered, all the information on prices and payment is available in the advertising section. Besides, we are always pleased to answer any question by email through

If you buy the 'GOLD' status, your ICO will appear in the upper part of our main page. Besides, no competitors will appear in the same page as this ICO. Also, any change is fastly carried out as there is staff whose task consist of taking care of these projects.

On the other hand, if you buy the 'SILVER' status, your ICO will appear right under the 'GOLD' section. Besides, no competitors will appear in the same page as this ICO. Also, as well as it happens with the 'GOLD' projects, any change is fastly carried out as there is staff whose task consist of taking care of these projects.

No. All the ICOs undergo the same rating and assesing process.

Definitely not. The highest rated ICO deserves a honour position next to the 'GOLD' section and the second highest rated is entitled to appear next to the 'SILVER' section.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. They are a new fundraising method. In contrast to traditional standard investment, any person or company can take part in an ICO with little amounts of money.

It is a digital active released by an ICO which is normally supplied in exchange for a payment. They act as a substitute for FIAT money or any other active.

It is a system (website or application) where any cryptocurrency (token) can be bought and sold by another one at current prices. These prices fluctuate the same way it happens with traditional economy, depending on the supply amd demand.

It is a technical document publicly provided by the team of developers of an ICO in order to show all the information on their project. Normally this document offers a detailed description of the project, it's philosophy and advantages in comparisson with other similar ones.

It is a guarantee deposit in an intermediate account between investors and the team of the project. It ensures all the investment is returned if the fundraising campaign doesn't go ahead according to plan. This intermediate account is always backed. Instead of this deposit, developers can also opt for using an automatic custody, which is a software which carries out the same tasks mentioned above.


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